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Hello there and welcome to Gay Yaoi Games, the #1 platform online for people who are addicted to homoerotic gaming goodness. This platform was first released to the Internet back in February of 2018: ever since, we've worked excessively hard to bring our fans the very best in all-male action. It has been a long time coming for us, but we're confident with the product of our labor and we think that going forward, we'll be able to convince a lot of people of just how great this community is. Should you have any desires to enjoy some free gay gaming fun, this is almost certainly a place for you to call home! From the onset of this project, we wanted to create an all-friendly, all-horny community where gay bros could explore plenty of great XXX stuff with other gay bros. Today, I want to invite you inside our circle to see what's going on and realize just how stellar things can get if you really want them to pop off. So, without further ado, let's discuss and explore just what it is about our all-male platform that gives you porn gaming like nowhere else. Yaoi is a male-dominated hentai wonder that we can't wait to share with you. Sounds like something you might be interested in? Then let's hop on and see what's inside!

Our gaming library size

If you're looking for gay hentai games and you want a lot of them, you're in luck. Currently, we have 18 games in our database, with a schedule set to release a new one every 2 months. That means that in a year, you'll get your greasy fingers on 6 new games – pretty cool, right? What's more, we've built Gay Yaoi Games from the ground up to make it exclusive. What does this mean, exactly? Well, you won't find our games anywhere else on the Internet! Those garbage destinations that promise a lot but deliver little cannot hold a candle to the guys behind our gig. Our production house works around the clock so that we can serve up some truly epic XXX gaming fun. Indeed, it's been one of our favorite things to do for a long time and going forward, we think it'll be a legendary way to ensure that people get what they want: world-class porn games. So yeah, inside – our database of games is large and 100% exclusive to us. Make what you will of that fact, but just rest assured that we won't stop until everyone gets their fingers on the goods.

Variety is the spice of life

When you're curating a collection of gay hentai sex games, it's important to make sure that you get the variety of titles correct. Some people are very much interested in going wide with this approach, but on our side of the coin, we think that a small subset of titles in a good range of niches is the right path to go down. What does this mean for you, the gamer? Well, it means that if you don't like the particular direction of one of our games, you can simply switch over and start to try out something else! It's a simple method of gaming accessibility that we think is the future of libraries such as ours. Suffice to say that we want to put a big smile on your face and if that involves giving you access to multiple genres and lots of different artists, so be it. Oh, and on the topic of artists, we should talk a little about how things go when it comes to the visuals of Gay Yaoi Games. We work with the best names in the business and have some truly incredible talent on board. Gay hentai addicts will soon see that we mean serious business in this regard!

A look at Gay Yaoi Games artwork

Since we began our platform, we've hired 3 artists from around the world who all have their own particular approach and flare when it comes to erotic gay artwork in the anime niche. While you've still got that under theme of anime sexiness, you can also find some other hot varieties of goodies when you look through their works. Rest assured that we also hired some terrific names with a lot of experience and knowhow in the business. In fact, we think we scored the best team that we could assemble – and that's saying a lot! So, don't be a stranger as you take a look around our sexy drawings and be sure to let the artists know what you think of their divine creations. People just can't get enough of these dudes and the skills they have when it comes to graphic art. Going forward, we'll also look to seek work from other gay artists that have a penchant for creating fantastic works of art in the homoerotic hentai space.

A sense of community

Are you interested in community? Do you want to enjoy discussions with other people and share whatever you come across that's relevant to anime and gay goodness? Then you'll love our official forums and Discord server! The forums are good for sharing long-form media, getting help with games and suggesting a few changes to the titles that we've got. On the flip side, if you want to give the producers here some pointers on how they can make their games better, go right ahead and fill out a thread detailing what's hot and what's not about particular games. Our Discord server is also fantastic for anyone who's keen on gay hentai gaming: we allow you to post on other projects not affiliated with Gay Yaoi Games and you can even share artwork and other stuff that you feel is relevant to the interests of everybody. Just make sure you read the rules and keep things in the right area – this is very important!

So, do you like the sound of what we have inside Gay Yaoi Games? If so, do yourself a massive favor and create an account – you won't regret it!

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